Team Big Air

***EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT*** Champion Factory is thrilled to announce that we have come to terms on an agreement with Leventè Pal from Budapest, Hungry to join Team Big Air beginning in August! Leventè was a founding member of Lords of Gravity, has been a featured performer on America’s Got Talent, Cirque Du  Soleil, and the Katy Perry music video ‘Swish Swish”. Leventè is a world class athlete and will be the cornerstone of our new NBA and State Fair shows. He will also be a dynamic addition to our very popular school assemblies.



Team Big Air has been performing their exciting brand of acrobatic slam dunking all over the world for more than a decade and has performed at half-time for every NBA team and more than 200 universities! They also perform at corporate events and deliver their inspirational message to thousands of young students at school assemblies each year..

Former Dallas Mavericks Mascot and motivational speaker, Jeff Goodin has taken the Halftime shows he created for the NBA and transformed them into some of the most popular and exciting school programs in the country.

Team Big Air will capture the students attention with the high flying dunks and high fives between the performers and the students. At the same time, They will hear an important message.



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WOW! Love the lesson behind it hard, believe in yourself, and you can accomplish anything!

Bethany Doan, Hosp Elementary School, Frisco Texas - April 2018



April 19, 2018